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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zaycon Chicken

REPOST:  October 5, 2011

 I am here to tell you this is an AMAZING price for chicken and WELL WORTH ordering a case before they are SOLD OUT!  GO NOW to this link:, SIGN UP and order!!!  This event most generally sells out so I would be inclined to believe it will be gone again rather quickly.  Go!  Go NOW and register and order!  SERIOUSLY! :)


WOW!  I'm impressed!!!!  So, many of you saw my post about the amazing chicken deal.  Well, I picked my chicken up yesterday and wanted to show you what I got so that if this event comes to your town, or again comes to the valley that you all can get in on it! :)  TOTALLY impressed!  WOW!  I do know that this company also has "ground beef" events, and FOR SURE, if they offer this in the Phoenix area, I'm participating. 

A few weeks ago, I found out about this chicken event.  Basically, this company offers AMAZING product for an AMAZING price.  This chicken is hormone and injection free.  This event was for boneless, skinless chicken breasts in 40 pound boxes for just $1.49/lb.  WOW!!!  This is stuff I normally used to by at like Sprouts because they offer the chicken with no fillers, it's healthier, better for you, etc.  You also pay an arm and a leg for the stuff at Sprouts!  Not here.  I was so excited. 

I went to the website, registered, and then bought my box ahead for the event day.  This event SOLD OUT, so if it comes around again, you need to be QUICK about ordering! 

My friend and I went yesterday to pick it up!  It was the smoothest, most slick adventure to getting chicken.  Felt a tiny bit guilty as a matter of fact! :)  So, we brought our printed "receipts" with us.  They had a big refrigerated semi trailer in the parking lot of a church in Gilbert.  They had orange cones everywhere and a definite flow of traffic set up!  There was ONE entrance, and about half way around the "U" there was someone checking your name off the list and then they'd put laminated "numbers" of how many boxes you were picking up under your wipers and then you'd keep driving forward and on either side of the trailer you pulled up.  Then there were about 8 people there taking the boxes off the truck (already premeasured and pre packeaged) and putting them into your trunk and off you went!  That was it!  SO EASY!

Got home and immediately started prepping my chicken by taking the yucky stuff off (I'm pretty picky about this! :)) and then putting them into a variety of Ziploc bags.  I decided to bag mine very specifically so that in the future it's super easy for me to make my meals.  I had some in stir fry fashion where I cut my chicken into strips, I put 3 breasts in several bags for when I make soups or taco meat, and then I put 4-5 breasts into a few bags for when I make Christy's Chicken or dishes like Chicken Fillets over Rice, etc.  I LOVE IT!  I am going to show pictures below for you to see.  Wish so bad now that I would've taken pictures of the pick up location.  Maybe next time!  I got a total of about 42-44 single breasts.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS IF IT COMES AGAIN TO PHOENIX OR COMES TO YOUR AREA!  Go to the website here and check for events:  If you continue following my blog or my JoJo's NumNums facebook page, I will announce again when I hear they will be here.  It's my understanding they come about 2 times a year.

Here is how the chicken comes. The breasts are together.

 Here you can see the box that it came in.

Here's all my chicken prepped several different ways!