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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hey guys!!! 

HAD to post about the beef event.

So, I did this event the last time they offered and OH MY GOODNESS how amazing the beef was!!!  I am going to summarize below with the pictures I took from this event I just participated in today!  Keep this bookmarked cause it comes around a few times a year!!  I will let everyone know when it comes around again!

This beef is 93/7 for $2.79/lb.  Here is the description right from Zaycon's website (

A 40 lb case containing 4 tubes of Fine Grind super lean beef (93/7). Not all cases are exactly 40 lbs. If, upon delivery, your case is not 40 lbs, you will receive a credit to your Zaycon account.

This event actually came right HERE to Maricopa, so all my Maricopa peeps, we don't have to drive in to town to get our beef.  All my other AZ friends, there are MANY locations to choose from across the valley, find the one closest to you! :)

The website is:

Pick up is so incredibly SIMPLE!  You don't even get out of your car.  Basically, you print the receipt for your order, take it with you to the pick up location, drive up to the location, they have signs that say "enter," follow that and it will pull you up to the side of a refrigerated semi.  They'll ask for your name, they'll verify how many boxes you ordered, and then ask you where you want them.  You just stay in your car and they throw the boxes in your car FOR YOU!  Then you drive away!  THAT"S IT!  So all the mom's that dread doing something like this cause they'll have to drag their kids along, NO SWEAT!  Super easy!

Here are a few pictures below:

 This is the box they load right into your car.

 This is what it looks like inside your box! :)

 This is how I divide mine! :)  Each bag 1# each.

Here is one complete box.  I finished off with 39 bags!

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