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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Favor PLEASE! :) (until January 4, 2011)

So, I entered the Karo Cookie Exchange event and need your help! :)  I'd love to win the Grand Prize! :)  Who wouldn't? :)  I entered Chewy Caramels as a recipe on their Cookie Exchange.  I need to have the highest number of votes to win! :)  So, if you're on facebook, here's what you do!

1. Sign into your account.
2. Search for "KARO" and select the Karo syrup.
3. On their facebook group, click "like" at the very top.
4. Select then the "Cookie Exchange" tab up at the top.
5. Click then on "recipes."
6. At the top of the "recipes" page it will have a "most recent' or "most popular" link.  Click "most popular."
7. Find my recipe, right now I'm in 3rd, my name will be next to the recipe "Joanna Cowley Baltzly."
8. Click on the recipe "Chewy Caramels" and it will have a "vote" box on the left.
9. Click "vote" and you're done! :)


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