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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something NEW!!! :) Something FUN!

So, I'm a little crazy when it comes to the Food Network Channel! :)  Who is with me!? :)  C'mon, fess up, you ARE just as crazy as I! :)  Even my kids are almost as crazy about the FNC as they are cartoons! :)  No joke!  Anyways, one of four families' favorite shows on there is a show called Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives!  Anyone watched it!?  Guy Fieri (a famous chef) goes around the US and tries out these "hole in the wall" places that are just "over the top" on most food charts for places to go.  Well, we decided to take some family adventures and go try out the 10 that are featured here in the Phoenix vicinity! :)  And YOU, my blog readers, get the privilege of seeing first hand from ME, my first impressions, my thoughts, etc of each one that we try out!  Now, I am not going to post about all 10 on the same day, you will have to keep coming back for more if you're interested, and especially for those living right here in the area, you'll have to try some of these places out, they are.................AMAZING!  We are having SO MUCH FUN trying them all out! :)  So, here's to hoping you'll travel this adventure with us! :)  My first blog will be tomorrow!  Just getting you all ready! :)


Rachel said...

What a fun family adventure!!! Don't eat too much :) I have seen some of the portions Guy eats!

Trophy Wife said...

Oh, yum! What a fun idea!! I can't wait! :-)

Scott & Julie said...

Jealous! I am in love with the FN.
Did you know Jane Hunter's daughter made it onto one that show?!

Joanna said...

Rachel, I'll try not to, but it's a little too tempting! :) So MUCH to try! Not at ALL done going back to these restaurants, this is just the beginning! :)

Jenn, YOU are the one I'm embarrassed telling I'm doing this too! :) This fun ends July 5! :)

Julie, I remember watching SOMEONE I sort of "knew" on the show, and I think it was her. She was a diner, right!? Not the owner of a restaurant?! So cool! Maybe one day I'll be on the show with a comment from my mouth on the food! :)