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Monday, August 2, 2010


So, I'm a HUGE fan of dill pickles!  Anybody with me!? :)  LOVE pickles.  I've since found out that Ezra is a HUGE fan as well! :)  He and I could both eat pickles until we're sick!  So, this was a HUGE discovery for me.  Saves much on the pocket book! :)  Pickles aren't cheap.

Cucumbers (not all of them) picked fresh from our garden!


Sliced!  The thinner the better.

Put in the jars!  You can see I didn't pack them in enough!

Prepared dill pickle packet in now.

9-11 lbs fresh cucumbers
1 packet dill pickle seasoning mix
3 1/3 c vinegar
7 1/3 c water
6-8 canning jars

Peel and slice cucumbers.  Fill the canning jars and pack them in from top to bottom.  Prepare the dill pickle mix according to the directions.  Pour over the top of the pickles until jar is full, leaving 1" space at the top.  Put lids on tight.  Careful not to burn self as jar is VERY HOT at this point.  Let them set, and throughout the next sevearl hours, you will hear the most thrilling sound!  The lids will *pop* one by one! :)  LOVE THAT SOUND!  These can be stored in room temperature until you use them.  Once they are opened they MUST be refrigerated.

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