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Saturday, July 31, 2010


When my parents lived over in Germany on a 2 year term, they came back with this most favorite German dish and served it when they came back for Laine's adoption.  Won't ever forget it!  IT WAS AMAZING!  Still is.  As a special gift, they gave each of us (their three daughters) an actual Spatzle noodle maker, but I will give you a hint on how YOU can make the same noodles!

Pork Roast:

1 (3-5 lb) pork roast
1 pkg dry onion soup mix
water, to the top of roast


1/2 c water
4 eggs
2 c flour
1 t salt
2 T oil


1 1/2 c pork juice (what it's been cooked in all day)
2 beef boullion cubes (or equivalent granules)
1/2 c cold water
1/4 c flour

Start a completely thawed pork roast in your crock pot EARLY so it has time to really slowly cook.  Put the pork roast in your crock pot and cover with one packet of onion soup mix and water to cover the entire roast.  Set on low for about 8 hours.  This will FALL APART and melt in your mouth after it's cooked like this.  Pull pork out from juice and it will literally shred apart onto a plate.  Just before the pork is finished, stir together the Spatzle ingredients.  Boil a large pot of water, salted.  Once at a rolling boil, with a FLAT cheese grader (not the square one), spoon batter over the top and with fingers finish forcing it to go through.  (CAREFUL NOT TO CUT YOUR FINGERS.)  Boil until the noodles float to the top. Strain in a colandar.  Repeat until all the batter is cooked.  Only do about 1 cup of batter at a time.  For the gravy, boil pork juice with 2 cubes beef boullion.  In a separate bowl, whisk water and flour until there are no flour lumps.  Once the broth is boiling, add flour/water mixture while constantly stirring.  It will thicken in less than a minute, then keep on low until ready to serve.

Serve by layering a heap of noodles, then pork, then gravy!

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Derricca said...

I NEED to make this! My only question is, what is the flat cheese grater? Picture?

Your blog is now on my blog. I gotta do some of these "num nums!"