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Friday, July 2, 2010


Won't ever buy another jar of store bought applesauce. I don't think you will either once you see how easy it is to make applesauce.

This is how I start my applesauce!  Big case of apples! :)

This picture got turned, sorry.  These are the apples peeled, sliced and cored. I have a handy dandy apple peeler corer from Pampered Chef if you're wondering! :)

Here are the apples cooked down!  They cook down A LOT!

Put them in your blender (see all the juice?).


Add sugar and cinnamon.  (I've also substituted Stevia for sugar.)

Stir.  See how different the color!?

Store in quart size bags!  Can freeze!!

14 or so good size apples (should fill a large pan)
1/4 c sugar
2 t cinnamon

Peel, slice and core apples. Put in a regular large pan on the stove and let cook down (adding NO WATER, as they apples provide their own juices when cooking down) to a soft state. They will break apart when they are ready. Usually about 30 minutes on a low-medium heat. Once they have been cooked down, throw them in a blender until they are all completely pureed. Mix in the sugar and cinnamon. Eat fresh or it will freeze VERY WELL! I usually buy a huge case of apples when they are in season and do about 10 quarts of applesauce and freeze it. However, it doesn't last very long over here.

Note, you can use any type of apple you have/want, but our absolute favorite variety are Honeycrisp. You can make applesauce with as few of apples as you have also, just need to cut the ingredients. This is just a basic vague synopsis of how I do applesauce, but it really is a forgiving recipe.


Lynn and Chad said...

yummy! Have you ever tried it in a pressure cooker? Instead of 30 minutes it's 6 minutes! I've never cooked it on the stovetop...does it taste different?

Betsy said...

Just made the applesauce after going to an orchard today. It was so good pureed that I didn't even add sugar. Thanks for the recipes!