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Friday, November 26, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Madness

Hey everybody!  HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING!!!!!  Hope everyone enjoyed some time with family and friends over the holiday!  I thought I'd just share a quick post of our pumpkin pie making day! :)  I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!  Totally going to be doing that next year again!  So, keep that in mind! :)

Here are a few pictures of the day! :)

Aubrey doing all the filling mixin'!

Me, filling all the crusts! :)

Pies baking in the oven!!!

Hoping that everyone that ordered was happy with their pie!!!!


Nacho Mommy said...

OK...I admit I am not much of a pie fan. I'm kind of a "take it or leave it" pie eater. HOWEVER. The pumpkin pie you made was UNBELIEVABLE!!! What a difference!!! My dad had a different compliment for every bite he took! lol! "Oh it's so creamy".."oh its so tasty"...."oh its so different" was pretty funny! I honestly could not wait to eat it again today...something I NEVER EVER say about pie!! WELL DONE!! (Now to chase you into an alley and beat you until you give me the recipe LOL!!) XOXO

Derricca said...

They look beautiful!! Strong work. :)