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Friday, April 2, 2010


:) Just had to put this up here. I'm putting this up here so that you all reading my blog understand that I too make MANY mistakes, but that just makes me a better chef in the end. Many of my recipes are from trial and ERROR before they are in my own taste buds' words, "perfect." :) So, just wanted to share what I learned from this experience! :) I attempted about my "FIFTH" Strawberry Pie. Strawberries were on SALE for $.99 last week, therefore making a VERY CHEAP YUMMY FRESH STRAWBERRY PIE opportunity! :) When I say "fifth" I do mean "fifth." :) This is my mama's recipe and every time I've failed.  Have followed her recipe to a "T" and finally the other day I visited with my mom and asked her what I was doing WRONG!  While reviewing the recipe and telling her every step I took to make this perfect, she figured out what I was doing wrong! :)  I will attempt again when they are on sale again, which should be any time, but I was letting the cornstarch mix cool BEFORE I added my strawberry jello, so the gelatin wasn't interacting as it should with the heat and bonding! :)  More later!  This is, unfortunately, all I have for you today!  Have had some sickies this week!  Be back shortly!  I promise!

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