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Friday, March 12, 2010

Won Ton Soup

1/2 lb fresh hamburger
2 green onions
1 pkg won ton wraps (usually found in produce or health food area)
10 c chicken broth

Mix together raw hamburger and onions. Spread several won ton wraps out on the counter at once and put 1 tsp hamburger mix in the center of each wrap. With a small bowl of water, wet your fingertip and get two edges wet. You can usually do about 4-5 at a time without it drying out too fast on you. bring the opposite corner to the other corner and seal where wet. It should now look like a triangle. Flip one corner in and dab water on its' edge, then flip other corner in and it will seal. Once all won tons are made, bring some chicken broth to a boil and once boiling, throw 10-15 of them in at a time for about 4 minutes. Garnish the soup with fresh green onions when ready to serve.

Note: If you've used FRESH hamburger and you can't eat the whole batch in one sitting, the prepared won tons can be frozen for later used. Cook them in the boiling chicken broth from frozen, only cook them 5-6 minutes instead of the 3-4 minutes in the original recipe. I typically make a double batch for this purpose!

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